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Weekly Libra Horoscope

This Week's Weekly Libra Horoscope |

Monday 22nd December, 2014
You can communicate with unusual quickness and clarity as the week begins. Use your excellent articulation to explore big ideas and let others know what you're really thinking. On Tuesday and Wednesday, you'll feel the depressing pressure of old problems and issues, but don't give into that maudlin mood - you're too affable and easygoing for such self-indulgent whining. On Thursday and Friday, it's time to take on something (or someone) new. Variety will spice up your state of mind, and that novelty could even bring some romance along with it. This weekend, look for harmony and beauty in life's little things - and share your perspective with someone else.


Previous Week's Weekly Libra Horoscope

You're not in the mood for anything superficial on Monday. What you need is an intellectual conversation. Find someone you like talking to - someone smarter than you - and let yourselves go. Wednesday and Thursday, you're more interested in getting things done than in dwelling on emotions, but that's not to say you should ignore the peripheral beauty that surrounds you - it can be inspiring. Friday and Saturday you long to be around creative people, and Sunday brings you more big-picture clarity than you've had in a while. The details will strike you as insignificant.

Next Week's Weekly Libra Horoscope

You and you-know-who are almost a circus act at this point. You have incredible chemistry. Duality is a big theme Monday and Tuesday, and flexibility is key. Wednesday and Thursday are also decidedly relationship-oriented - not just romantic relationships, but also your one-on-one relationships at home, at work and at the gym. Friday is packed with beauty and wonders - and anxieties about a certain partnership that seems to be running afoul (life is like this, the good comes with the bad) - but Saturday is as harmonious as a duet and Sunday is sprightly.

Libra Daily Love-O-Meter

Love: 70% | Sex: 92% | Relationship: 94% | Libra Compatibility With Cancer: 89% | Single: 61% | Couple: 40% | Lesbian: 32% | Gay: 88% | Bisexual: 69% | Transgender: 72%

Libra Daily Ratings

Wellness: 36% | Work: 42% | Love: 70% | Money: 47% | Creativity: 65% | Intellect: 39% | Intution: 57% | Emotions: 59%

Libra Daily Chinese Astrology

Chinese Love: 30% | Chinese Career: 99% | Chinese Relationship: 30% | Chinese Compatibility: 74% | Chinese Destiny: 90% | Chinese Karma Influence: 32% | Feng Shui: 60% | Chinese Luck: 31% | Chinese Health: 61% | Chinese Wealth: 57%

Libra Daily Age-O-Meter (Stages Of Life)

Infant(0-2 Years) : 92%
Child(3-8 Years) : 31%
Preteen(9-13 Years) : 86%
Teen(14-17 Years) : 41%
Young Adult(18-24 Years) : 59%
Adult(25-32 Years) : 97%
Middle Age(33-45 Years) : 100%
Elder(>45) : 38%

Libra Daily Lucky Numbers

70 | 42 | 47 | 59 | 58 | 74

Libra Astrology Fact

Libra Astrology Fact
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