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Libra Dark

Libra Dark Side

Dear friend Libra, champion of compromise, king of hesitation, how are you? I know you will say “fine thanks”. You are a model of elegance and courtliness, your home is an example of good taste. You are loved by all, how can anyone hate you? There is good reason for this. But why don't you tell the hard truth? With your communicating skills and diplomacy you can say anything without offending anyone. Is this just a hypothesis? Let’s start with some of your lesser noted traits: you never let anyone see your moods, your pain, your worries or when someone says something that hurts you (your famous sense of justice). The fact that you do not want to impose your bad mood, or fear, or happiness on others. You keep it all inside, not thinking of the long term effect on your nervous balance. This external “smile” that you show to all, you and I well know that at any moment in your life can hide a volcano that is ready to explode. Even if you don't want it, I will give you some advice: let things go, and let off some steam from the pressure cooker that is your mind. Swear from time to time, dress casually, say what you really think to the colleague who is a pain in the neck. Punch the desk and you will see that you feel much, much better.


Libra Today's Horoscope |

Monday 22nd December, 2014
You need to try a lighter touch - things are heavy enough as it is! If you can get your people to just chill a little, then life can get back into the groove that it ought to be in.

Libra Daily Love-O-Meter

Love: 47% | Sex: 94% | Relationship: 41% | Libra Compatibility With Cancer: 37% | Single: 90% | Couple: 87% | Lesbian: 50% | Gay: 39% | Bisexual: 82% | Transgender: 61%

Libra Daily Ratings

Wellness: 87% | Work: 30% | Love: 47% | Money: 32% | Creativity: 88% | Intellect: 39% | Intution: 49% | Emotions: 95%

Libra Daily Chinese Astrology

Chinese Love: 63% | Chinese Career: 69% | Chinese Relationship: 59% | Chinese Compatibility: 30% | Chinese Destiny: 51% | Chinese Karma Influence: 43% | Feng Shui: 69% | Chinese Luck: 41% | Chinese Health: 62% | Chinese Wealth: 51%

Libra Daily Age-O-Meter (Stages Of Life)

Infant(0-2 Years) : 82%
Child(3-8 Years) : 84%
Preteen(9-13 Years) : 68%
Teen(14-17 Years) : 91%
Young Adult(18-24 Years) : 49%
Adult(25-32 Years) : 82%
Middle Age(33-45 Years) : 77%
Elder(>45) : 100%

Libra Daily Lucky Numbers

41 | 54 | 32 | 88 | 98 | 68
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