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Leo Element

Leo Zodiac Element

Fire - Intuition

Forget what you know and who you are and you become simply yourself; the fire that burns and changes. The fire that is life, energy in a pure state that you can neither see nor hear, but only live. Fire is the energy that burns inside you and puts in motion the world and which way it moves, sentiments that become passions and thoughts that become intuitions or creations. It is the fire that burns in the belly of the land, and mixed with the primordial liquid and water, ferments into the incandescent magma of uncontrollable and primitive passions that only Pluto and Lucifer can govern. It is also the flame that lights and heats up the domestic hearth and is perennially watched over by the vestal virgins and their symbol of purity. Fire is movement. There is no such thing as a still flame. Fire was stolen by Prometheus and given as his gift to man. Heraclitus tells us that Prometheus, the one who knew it in advance, gave to man this spark of knowledge and transformed him from a defenceless and unintelligent creature into the master of his own mind. When one is born in a fire sign or there are many planets in fire signs, there is a strong need to have an expansive life and to go forward to the future, the time of infinite promises. The prison of conditioning and the demands of the material world are not for those born in fire signs and they travel their own road with an unknowing and happy irresponsibility. There is an intuitive perception towards life that, although sometimes contrary to evidence, proves true. The perception shared by those belonging to fire signs, is that in the end everything will work out for the better. Trust, optimism, vitality; these are the key words. When they live true to their nature, the fire signs always have a project or a dream to be pursued and for them this is more important than a business deadline or the health of a child.


Leo Today's Horoscope |

Sunday 21st December, 2014
You need to avoid temptation today - even the least amount of backsliding can lead to all sorts of terrible results. Overdoing it is a real concern for you, or at least it ought to be.

Leo Daily Love-O-Meter

Love: 87% | Sex: 45% | Relationship: 41% | Leo Compatibility With Capricorn: 54% | Single: 79% | Couple: 69% | Lesbian: 96% | Gay: 50% | Bisexual: 31% | Transgender: 76%

Leo Daily Ratings

Wellness: 49% | Work: 69% | Love: 87% | Money: 74% | Creativity: 97% | Intellect: 84% | Intution: 72% | Emotions: 62%

Leo Daily Chinese Astrology

Chinese Love: 53% | Chinese Career: 50% | Chinese Relationship: 65% | Chinese Compatibility: 69% | Chinese Destiny: 30% | Chinese Karma Influence: 50% | Feng Shui: 39% | Chinese Luck: 88% | Chinese Health: 85% | Chinese Wealth: 85%

Leo Daily Age-O-Meter (Stages Of Life)

Infant(0-2 Years) : 81%
Child(3-8 Years) : 85%
Preteen(9-13 Years) : 70%
Teen(14-17 Years) : 87%
Young Adult(18-24 Years) : 65%
Adult(25-32 Years) : 76%
Middle Age(33-45 Years) : 52%
Elder(>45) : 47%

Leo Daily Lucky Numbers

81 | 32 | 74 | 48 | 89 | 46
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