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Leo Dark

Leo Dark Side

Your Majesty, we hope that you are well. Dear friend, Leo, can you see the importance of maintaining respect for authority? The way that you act with others is like saying: "I am the King. I am the best." Whatever your goal, you pursue it with indomitable passion. You are a born optimist, with an enthusiasm that ensures that you rarely miss the target. Unfortunately you're a disaster when comes down to detail, routine matters as well as the feelings of others. You move too fast to pay attention to everything. Have you hurt someone with some attitude or words? Possibly, although not on purpose. Itís more important for you to be planning and achieving but we also know that you do not have the time to think about everything. Dear Leo, we all know that you're capable of great generosity when you want, but why do so in such a demonstrative way ? Your innate theatricality is nice, but eventually may cause you to become bored. With a few exceptions, our lives consist of daily small concerns, a multitude of small duties and an endless series of bills to pay. Leo, with your heroic view of life, do you not think that a hero is also one who, without pursuing lofty ideals, seeks only a serene life for themselves and their loved ones?


Leo Today's Horoscope |

Sunday 21st December, 2014
You need to avoid temptation today - even the least amount of backsliding can lead to all sorts of terrible results. Overdoing it is a real concern for you, or at least it ought to be.

Leo Daily Love-O-Meter

Love: 87% | Sex: 45% | Relationship: 41% | Leo Compatibility With Gemini: 42% | Single: 79% | Couple: 69% | Lesbian: 96% | Gay: 50% | Bisexual: 31% | Transgender: 76%

Leo Daily Ratings

Wellness: 49% | Work: 69% | Love: 87% | Money: 74% | Creativity: 97% | Intellect: 84% | Intution: 72% | Emotions: 62%

Leo Daily Chinese Astrology

Chinese Love: 53% | Chinese Career: 50% | Chinese Relationship: 65% | Chinese Compatibility: 69% | Chinese Destiny: 30% | Chinese Karma Influence: 50% | Feng Shui: 39% | Chinese Luck: 88% | Chinese Health: 85% | Chinese Wealth: 85%

Leo Daily Age-O-Meter (Stages Of Life)

Infant(0-2 Years) : 81%
Child(3-8 Years) : 85%
Preteen(9-13 Years) : 70%
Teen(14-17 Years) : 87%
Young Adult(18-24 Years) : 65%
Adult(25-32 Years) : 76%
Middle Age(33-45 Years) : 52%
Elder(>45) : 47%

Leo Daily Lucky Numbers

81 | 32 | 74 | 48 | 89 | 46
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