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Capricorn Dark

Capricorn Dark Side

Dear Capricorn, you're a leading figure! So serious, relentless and focused in achieving your goals. Did you know that Iíve always been a bit envious of you? When you decide something there is no way that you will change your mind. You were already great and determined even when we were kids. Remember when you decided to build that sand castle, and not satisfied with a childish effort, you worked a full day to build it, but what a triumph of architecture it was! Even in clothing you are a perfectionist and you rarely look untidy or casually dressed. You see yourself as a guide, a beacon for others and this gives you honour, but is it not that you exaggerate in every way possible in order to bend the will of others? If a friend, an employee or a partner objects to you or makes a criticism, you will plan a demolition campaign or revenge against them! You are extreme in your belief that you think that only you are in possession of the truth and that your outlook on life should be shared by all. Dear steamroller, please understand that everyone has the right to their own opinion, as right or wrong as it may be!


Capricorn Today's Horoscope |

Saturday 20th December, 2014
Make sure that your people are having a good time today - or at least that they don't mind what they're doing. Your great energy should help you do that, as long as you smile yourself.

Capricorn Daily Love-O-Meter

Love: 77% | Sex: 86% | Relationship: 31% | Capricorn Compatibility With Libra: 68% | Single: 58% | Couple: 92% | Lesbian: 68% | Gay: 54% | Bisexual: 65% | Transgender: 89%

Capricorn Daily Ratings

Wellness: 94% | Work: 71% | Love: 77% | Money: 40% | Creativity: 42% | Intellect: 67% | Intution: 97% | Emotions: 74%

Capricorn Daily Chinese Astrology

Chinese Love: 66% | Chinese Career: 39% | Chinese Relationship: 91% | Chinese Compatibility: 91% | Chinese Destiny: 61% | Chinese Karma Influence: 35% | Feng Shui: 71% | Chinese Luck: 78% | Chinese Health: 58% | Chinese Wealth: 46%

Capricorn Daily Age-O-Meter (Stages Of Life)

Infant(0-2 Years) : 52%
Child(3-8 Years) : 44%
Preteen(9-13 Years) : 80%
Teen(14-17 Years) : 47%
Young Adult(18-24 Years) : 53%
Adult(25-32 Years) : 76%
Middle Age(33-45 Years) : 40%
Elder(>45) : 65%

Capricorn Daily Lucky Numbers

51 | 41 | 40 | 74 | 31 | 55
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